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March 1, 2023

Bineroo 1.9: Reworked app rating

App ratings and reviews seem to play an important role in drawing people's attention and getting an app downloaded on the stores. How to…


January 18, 2023

Bineroo 1.8: Reward mechanic revamped and new error detector

Here comes a new year and with it a new release of Bineroo. After some thorough analysis of the reward mechanic based on coins, I decided…


November 29, 2022

Achievement: 100k Bineroo grids completed

Bineroo was initially released in August 2020. Back then, it was a side project I developed during the pandemic to learn Flutter. A bit more…


March 25, 2021

I played my own game for 100 consecutive days

Beginning of January 2021, I released version 1.3 of my mobile game Bineroo. The main feature of this latest release is the daily challenge.…


January 30, 2021

Bineroo 1.3: One Day, One Grid

With this release, I introduce the concept of the daily challenge. Every day, a new grid (of any size and difficulty) is randomly…


October 30, 2020


The article is part of technical blog series on my first game made with Flutter, Bineroo. It is a puzzle game with 3 simple rules to respect…


October 28, 2020

It all started with a mosquito

I founded DARGIL back in 2011. I was young (i mean younger 😅) and had a dream: building mobile games with a true social impact. My first…

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